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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What should we wear for family photography session?


Colors do matter in a photograph, they can either break or make a photograph. here are a few of my suggestions:


1. Choose cordinating colors or complimentary colors. You can achieve a cohesive and effortless look without everyone wearing the exact same colors, in fact, exact same colors look a bit overdone. Pick 2 main colors - either cordinating or complimentary colors, and then more colors to accentuate and soften the overal look.


2. what is the color of your home decor? If you consider having your wall art, pick the colors that will compliment or similar color of your room.


3. Stay away from big letters or logos. For example, a big "Zara" or "H&M" would look rather distracting.


4. Consider the location. Light, airy, cheerful colors will be nice on a beach, and muted colors could look classic in the woods.


5. If you are drawn to black and white photography, wear something very light and/or something very dark, as the high contrast makes black and white photographs very appealing. 


That being said, wear clothing that is comforatable! If your kid or you are not comfortable wearing something, it will probaby show in the photos, and makes the photoshooting more difficult. 

2. What time of the day is best for family photos?

In genenral, 1-2 hours after sunrise or 1-2 hours before sunset are best for outdoor family photography. It is also called the golden hour in photography. The sun is low and directional, gives dimention to your photograph, in the meantime, it is soft and even, eliminating shadows on the faces, making it perfect for portraits. We also need to factor in the location where the shooting is taking place, for example, in some ares, the sun sets behind the mountains / high rise buidlings, so best light will be earlier than the actual sunset time.


Children are often energetic in the morning and might be tired towards late afternoon, so if you do decide to do the session before sunset, it is advised that you schedule less activities during the day and chilren take a nap before the session.


Golden hour is the best, but if you have little ones who can not get up early or stay outside until that late, I can also accormodate.


3. Should I bring anything to the photo session?


It will be great if you can bring water and some snacks to boost kid's energy level.

You can also bring some of little one's favarite toys , such as bubbles, balls, squit gun, frisbee etc, anything your family will enjoy palying with on a normal day. If you do prefer having some posed photos, then lets start with no toys in the beginning and use toys as add ons towards the end the session, reason being, children might get tired after the playing and lose interest if there is no more toy.


On windy days, you can also bring a blanket, it can be used as a prop as well.

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