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Because in the blink of an eye, “someday” becomes a year from now. And through the hurried-ness of your daily routine, tiny but meaningful things are happening with your little ones. Things you don’t know you’re missing. Things you’ll always want to remember.

To ensure each and every client has an unique experience and photos of best quality, I can only accept very limited number of booking each month and weekends and busy season are usually booked 3 months in advance.


Family session: 

- 7,590 HKD for a 90 mins photo session

- 45 carefully edited images and 100+ color graded images included

- 5% off for returning clients

- 699HKD for weekend/public session

Additional charge for family groups over 5 people

Newborn session:

- 4999HKD for a 60 mins session; limited to 3 people, if more than 3 people, it will be a family session.

- 20 carefully edited images and 40+ color graded images

-5% off for returning clients

- Addtional 499HKD appliges for weekend /public holiday sessions

Maternity/Couple session:

- 5,999HKD for a 60 mins photo session

- 20 carefully edited images and 40+ color graded images

- 5% off for returning clients

Additional 599HKD applies for weekend/public holiday sessions

Contact me to check availability! Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Separately, I offer custom-made fine art quality album and wall art. Contact me for more details. 

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